Solomon’s Gift

What exactly is Wisdom, the spiritual gift given to Solomon – the gift that brought him fame? And why is fame dangerous?

What is spiritual intelligence, and how does it relate to Wisdom?

Why are humans so competitive, with often fatal consequences?

Why is the world still afflicted by violence and threatened with environmental catastrophe?

Why do people seek celebrity today – and why is this a mistaken search?

Why are the most modern societies afflicted with new problems such as depression and addiction?

How can we become immune from what people think of us?

When we say Jesus of Nazareth was ‘without sin’, what exactly do we mean?

Starting with simple stories of everyday modern life, this free book explains a basic human flaw that we all share, a flaw that can destroy us – unless we understand it and learn to overcome it by developing spiritual strength and wisdom.

Showing how it tells very similar stories, Solomon’s Gift explains why the bible is still the world’s most important source of insight into problems such as the ‘War on Terror’ and destruction of the environment – and into the secrets of global and personal salvation.

Contrasting our 21st century world with the ‘Kingdom of God’ in which Jesus lived, it explains how we can find our own way to that kingdom – the last and best hope of our species.

Solomon’s gift of wisdom is one that we all need more than ever today – an understanding of why we behave the way we do, and how we can develop in ways we never thought possible – in co-operation with the same Spirit who enlightened the greatest people who ever lived.

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