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Scattering the Proud

First Edition Columba Press, Dublin, 1999
Online Edition, July 2024

A reflection on the dual world crisis – the secular crisis of optimism and of values, and the crisis of Christianity – starved of intellectual respectability by authoritarianism and fundamentalism.

Jesus submitted to Crucifixion in obedience to the Father – whose intention is not self-satisfaction but the liberation of humankind from fear of judgement, and of the Earth from human fear of shame.

Chapter Summaries
Complete Online Edition July 2024

The Chain That Binds the Earth

First edition 2015. Revised 2019, for second edition 2020.

As the world tumbles Trumpwards towards the Coronavirus crisis of 2020, Johnny Mullan wants to understand bullying – and not just the school corridor kind.

Margaret Phillips is troubled by the gathering threat to the Earth environment, and determined to do something about that.

Eddy Li is fascinated by crime, one crime in particular.

Mary McNevin writes music to deal with a family legacy of hurt from three decades of civil conflict.

When these four meet in their first year at their second-level school – Iona College – they come to the conclusion that all of the major problems that interest them have a common source. When they argue their case in a school debate they find themselves opposed by a senior teacher.

They discover that their school is itself divided, and are faced with an important choice. Challenged to abandon their own strongest convictions, Johnny, Margaret, Eddy and Mary stand firm – not knowing how this will affect their friendship and the rest of their lives.


“Unputdownable and utterly brilliant.”  David Brussard (14), Loreto College, Coleraine

” The plot was gripping and I didn’t want to stop reading.”  Cáit Passmore (14), Loreto College Coleraine

A remarkable book with a vision for the future. The author demonstrates a detailed, deep and sympathetic understanding of a society that is still struggling to deal with the past never mind moving into the future…. A wonderful book that is deserving of the widest audience and consideration.” 
Aidan Donaldson, The Irish Catholic, August 27th, 2015

Review by Susan Ross of the Raven Foundation.

Launch address by Bishop Donal McKeown of Derry, Dec 4th, 2015.

All profits and royalties to be donated to the cause of the mental health of young people in Northern Ireland.

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Solomon’s Gift Self-published 2004
What exactly is wisdom, and how does it differ from knowledge? An exploration of the key reality of mimetic desire and how it so deeply affects our behaviour. This book is also a simple introduction to the revolutionary ideas of the French intellectual, René Girard.