Scattering the Proud

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Christianity Beyond 2000


First published 1999
Online Edition 2024

The central purpose of this book is to affirm a God for whom human freedom is inviolable.‘ (Chapter VIII)


Introduction to Online Edition                                                


I.     The Chasm                                                      

II.    The Upward Journey and the Pyramid of Esteem 

III.  The Impossible Journey                                     

IV.  The Kingdom                                                   

V.   The Crucifixion and the Key of Knowledge         

VI.  Origins of the Western Chasm                           

VII. Downward Journeys                                          

VIII. Bridging the Chasm between Faith and Freedom 

IX.  Bridging the Chasm between Individual and Community                              

X.    Bridging the Chasm in the Church       

XI.  Futile Desire                                                 

XII. Coming to the Father