Scattering the Proud

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So many people have contributed to the matter and spirit of this book, and so fallible now is my memory, at 81, that no complete list is feasible. However, I would not still be here but for the support of brothers Michael and Ciaran, and children Cliona, Brían, Sean Gerard and Aidan – and the staffs of Killowen Health Centre Coleraine, the Causeway Hospital Coleraine, Belfast City Hospital, and Antrim Area Hospital. My friends in Coleraine Area Churches Forum – especially Paddy Fitzpatrick and the late Michael Timoney – and in the Association of Catholics in Ireland and the Association of Catholic Priests – have also been vital nourishment and support.

In the end any book emerges out of an untraceable interconnecting labyrinth of relationships – especially the closest ones. I need to mention finally therefore my parents Vera and Brian – deceased but still present – and Patricia, whose patience is still a daily gift.